24 thoughts on “AETHERIC MECHANICS: July 2008”

  1. It’d never fly. Stabilizer’s too close to the wing! At that distance, it’d have to be a lot bigger to be stable. Still, crazy-ass airplanes always get me excited.

  2. Had to look up aether – does it have something to do with the archaic
    equivalent to dark matter, or just referring to the upper atmosphere?

  3. Amazing! In particular, I love the rendered shading on the aircraft.
    You’re doing some bang-up work with Avatar these days good sir.

  4. Sheesh…another step on the road to hell. You, Warren, are going to drive me broke faster than any other vice.
    My liver thanks you :)

  5. Ummm… so… it’s an exotic airplane… and a ship… thing… with what looks like a huge gun mounted on it… ooook.
    Decent artwork, surrealistic touches… honestly, apart from that, only the name is really interesting.
    I’m hooked on anything you write anyways, so I’ll wait for more info on this.

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