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  1. Bloody hell, I love the look to this one.

  2. Ooh – well played Sir! *emails LCS.

  3. Jamie Tarquini

    Jamie Tarquini

    Wow… This is going to be fantastic.

  4. Yes…and yes.

  5. Santiago


    Nice teaser images… I’m intrigued!

  6. It’d never fly. Stabilizer’s too close to the wing! At that distance, it’d have to be a lot bigger to be stable. Still, crazy-ass airplanes always get me excited.

  7. Peino


    Supposedly, a Bumblebee can’t fly either, but somehow it happens…great look here.

  8. chris


    Maybe flying in aether is different than flying in air….

  9. Loyal


    Iron Man doesn’t have men in jodhpurs, as far as I know. Aetheric Mechanics totally does. Make mine Avatar.

  10. Larry White

    Larry White

    Had to look up aether – does it have something to do with the archaic
    equivalent to dark matter, or just referring to the upper atmosphere?

  11. Okay, that gun is way bigger than mine. You win.

  12. John-Paul McCarthy

    John-Paul McCarthy

    Amazing! In particular, I love the rendered shading on the aircraft.
    You’re doing some bang-up work with Avatar these days good sir.

  13. deadchick


    bloody hell Warren, this looks awesome.

  14. Oh yeh, like I’m not gonna buy it… you crack dealing bastard…

  15. just a shadow

    just a shadow

    Sheesh…another step on the road to hell. You, Warren, are going to drive me broke faster than any other vice.
    My liver thanks you :)

  16. GRR


    Ummm… so… it’s an exotic airplane… and a ship… thing… with what looks like a huge gun mounted on it… ooook.
    Decent artwork, surrealistic touches… honestly, apart from that, only the name is really interesting.
    I’m hooked on anything you write anyways, so I’ll wait for more info on this.

  17. BobDog


    Amazed and intrigued! Maybe also aether powered GIANT ROBOTS!! Very cool large gun!

  18. lauren


    nice artwork teaser, now I must know more!

  19. Where you finding all these marvelous Italian artists? Italy?!?

  20. Just so you know, I’ll be forwarding this to our Collection Developement staff — this, I think, we should add to the system.

  21. That is just stunning. I love those images and can’t wait to read the story.

  22. […] AETHERIC MECHANICS de Warren Ellis y Gianluca Pagliarani, una historia que transcurre en 1907 durante la guerra entre Gran Bretaña y Ruritania (si no leyeron El Prisionero de Zenda de Anthony Hope se los recomiendo, es uno de los libros que releo cada año). Mañana cuento más acerca del subgénero en que se inscribe, pero estoy seguro que está entre el espionaje y el policial. Estaba previsto para Julio, lo van a leer en la publicidad, pero recién ahora se puede encargar y quedan dos meses para que llegue. Qué vicio más cruel. […]

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