Schrödinger’s Girl

The first trailer for the feature Schrödinger’s Girl, a British independent science fiction movie, directed by Huw Bowen, starring Abigail Tarttelin, Damian Hayes and Al Convy. I run this here because 1) the director asked me nicely, and 2) he added that “Our line producer has fond-ish memories of being traumatised by you as a youth in a comic shop in Southend, by the way. I think you may have hurt him in the brain.” So obviously I have some things to make up for.

4 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Girl”

  1. this is so random…
    one of my best friends is in this, as well as my mentor, Stephen “DR TEETH” Steinhaus – who also happens to be my ex-drama tutor and life coach!
    My friend Emily is in the Trailer as the bald brain zombie…

    Well, brilliant surprise, seeing this on your site mr Ellis.

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