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Schrödinger’s Girl

The first trailer for the feature Schrödinger’s Girl, a British independent science fiction movie, directed by Huw Bowen, starring Abigail Tarttelin, Damian Hayes and Al Convy. I run this here because 1) the director asked me nicely, and 2) he added that “Our line producer has fond-ish memories of being traumatised by you as a youth in a comic shop in Southend, by the way. I think you may have hurt him in the brain.” So obviously I have some things to make up for.

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  1. Looks interesting. Strange, but interesting (or is that strange, therefore interesting?). :-)

  2. this is so random…
    one of my best friends is in this, as well as my mentor, Stephen “DR TEETH” Steinhaus – who also happens to be my ex-drama tutor and life coach!
    My friend Emily is in the Trailer as the bald brain zombie…

    Well, brilliant surprise, seeing this on your site mr Ellis.

  3. kstop kstop

    Gregory’s Cat?

  4. low-fi, rough and un-polished.. but looks about 100000x more interesting than most of the turds Hollwyood squeezing out

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