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Oh, God.

A man posing as Darth Vader attacked a Star Wars fan who had founded a Jedi Church, a court has heard.

Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27, from Holyhead, Anglesey, admitted assaulting Barney Jones and cousin Michael with a metal crutch. They suffered minor injuries.

Hughes, who was drunk and dressed in a black bin bag, shouted "Darth Vader!"

BBC NEWS | Wales | North West Wales | Drunk Darth Vader’s Jedi assault

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  1. […] beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen, dass Frauen solche Sachen machen. No, Sir. No, Ma’am. Oh, God.: […]

  2. I would have loved to have been in that court room.

    Just to add, I finished Transmetropolitan the other day – I really enjoyed reading them.

  3. Brian Brian

    The best part is that someone thinks “drunk and dressed in a black bin bag, shouted “Darth Vader!” constitutes a Darth Vader costume.

  4. Brian – it DOES.

  5. I hate to say it, but when you found a Jedi church there are just some things you should be ready for. Attacks from the darkside, I imagine, should be first on this list.

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