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I did mention that Kid Shirt’s blog is fucking brilliant, didn’t I?

…at about 5 minutes-in those frequencies I told you about started making me feel awkward and isolated; at 8 minutes (the piece is 38 mins long) one of my hands started shaking; but just one of them, not the other. There was an odd tightening in my lower abdomen; a sensation of inner vibration, of muscles beginning a slow spastic tango …this isn’t about resonant frequencies (this music isn’t noisy, you unnerstan’; it’s…); I mean, it’s not like going to see Sunn o))) or OM or Digital Mystikz and growing a sonic throat-goitre or having yr diaphragm breached by sub-bass: this feels (more) like some parasympathetic response to the top-line squiggles dancing around somewhere just above my sinuses…

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