It’s The Sun

The sun is shining, and all over England people are looking up and saying, “What the fuck is that thing in the sky? It BURNS!”

And I’m outside the pub, trying to wake up, as I have three stages of an animation project to finish and send today.

I’m on the 810 right now, not wishing to expose the laptop to spilled beer and fag ash. It continues to perform excellently, though, the laptop, with one exception. I can’t get it to connect to Second Life for more than fifteen seconds at a time. I’ve tried a couple of different viewers, and no luck. I suspect it’s down to the graphics card. So if you’ve messaged me inworld…well, I won’t be responding anytime soon.

The other thing I have to do today is reconfigure my message board, , a bit. Knocking out some of the less-used sections. I think we’re also looking at adding a dedicated music section and a dedicated sf section, at this point. I may also crack and add a comics section at some juncture. (Though I would still direct hopeful creators to

I also need to start remembering to link to Whitechapel from here more often. Will typing this help me remember? Probably not.

Oh, almost forgot; if you go over to Velcro City today, you’ll find details of a collection of flash fiction by sf writers, released under Creative Commons and donating all its profits to the NSPCC. Nice one, Paul. Includes work by Gareth L Powell, the author of the terrific “Ack-Ack Macaque” story I mentioned a couple of months back.

You know, more people should send me video.

Back in a bit.

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