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From The Little Black Book

Which is what I’m currently calling the ThinkPad X61 that Avatar sent me. It is small and perfectly formed. It’s been years since I’ve used a trackstud, and the muscle-memory’s gone, so I’ve plugged in an external mouse. My ancient Alcatel Speedtouch DSL modem is dealing less well: it just refuses to play with the ThinkPad. Which means either the modem’s fried, or there’s a setting on the ThinkPad that’s interfering with it, or the DSL filter’s blown, or… god knows. Spent two hours on the phone with my ISP’s tech support and got nowhere. So for the moment I have no DSL. It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

So what I did was get a pay-as-you-go mobile-broadband modem from 3 (because T-Mobile wouldn’t answer their phone, the dickslaps). My daughter has the T-Mobile contract model, which is terrific. The 3 PAYG model? Not so much, actually. But it’s getting me online, if only at 3G/HSDPA speeds. It’ll do — I just don’t have the time to get a new modem, an external DVD/CD drive etc etc.

Oh, and for those following the comedy, the main computer is degenerating day by day, and is on life support at this point.

But I wanted to just get it down on here that this little computer — and it is tiny and light, maybe three pounds — is very good. The only thing on it that is less than terrific, in fact, is the speaker system. Which is awful. But that’s what earphones were invented for.

And now my desktop blogging system has downloaded and I will install it.

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