MUSIC PEOPLE: Got A New CD Out This Spring?

Like it says. Got a new CD coming out before summer? Tell me about it. Provide me with links and pictures and other such things, over here at my message board Whitechapel. Because I need to know.

Why do I specify CD, rather than mp3 releases? I spent all last year only buying mp3 music. I was drowning in CD cases. But what I forgot, you see, is that it’s my CD collection that my daughter will start pawing through in a few years, not my mp3 collection. I mean, sure, she will (and does) bother me for specific mp3s. But eventually she’ll hit that point where she wants to pick through the collection on her own, and a CD collection (and the old vinyl, downstairs) is best for that. So this year I’m back to buying CDs.

You didn’t need to know any of that, did you? I’m forty now, I’m allowed to ramble and drool.