Anonymous Will Not Be Taken To School

In this video, Mark Bunker of anti-Scientology site xenutv speaks out against Anonymous’ tactics in their War Against Scientology. He starts off by citing Keith Henson’s arrest, warning Anonymous that eventually some of them will be caught and prosecuted, and goes on to urge Anon to adopt Bunker’s own approach (and to use the surge in anti-CoS publicity to also urge people to buy his DVDs, quite understandably).

Bunker’s an Emmy-winning producer, whose unfortunately-named WOG BLOG can be found here. (One presumes Mr Bunker has no idea what “wog” means outside the US.) He’s very good at video. He does not, however, address the one thing that Anonymous is going to leap on — Mr Bunker’s tactics haven’t worked. Anon are in it for the lulz, to be sure, but they’re also clearly in it for the Hate, and telling them to phone their fucking congressman is going to get you nowhere.

I, of course, remain hopeful that Anonymous go after the Christians next.