CRECY: Your Dad Wants One For Xmas

Forbidden Planet: “…reads like a stand up comedy routine and historical lecture channelled through equal parts Simon Schama and Bill Hicks.”

Max More: “Damn, this slim graphic novel was amazingly good.” *

The Guardian: “Best new graphic novel… it’s really just a detailed history lesson about the 1346 Battle of Cr?cy, but about 300 times more entertaining than that sounds.”

AICN: “…just right… a grimly inspirational story.”

All of which is really just an excuse to remind people that Avatar/Apparat are keeping CRECY in print — it’s not a “one-shot,” it’s an original graphic novella, designed as a permanent-shelf-life item for comics stores. Find your local comics store here,, or, if you’re in the US, dial 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

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