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The 4am is a mixtape file containing nothing but music donated directly by new and/or unsigned acts. The 4am is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. The 4am is mixed down to 128 of the kbps. The 4am is offended by the concept of sleep. The 4am is time’s combine harvester.

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6: Nothing Was Ever Solved By Not Hitting Things Hard Enough

Opening with “My Crooked Toe” by Regular John, because, as Lou Reed once said, sometimes nothing beats two guitars, bass and drums. Plain old dirty guitar-pop, complete with Pixies-ish string torture and a false ending. Palate-cleansing, you know. This is off their new EP, which is called I HATE IT HERE, funnily enough. (If you never read my TRANSMETROPOLITAN, you won’t get it. Move along.)

New one by The Hungry Ghost. Features the sound of piano strings being struck by the legbone of your dead girlfriend in Hell. (Okay, it doesn’t. But that should be the explanation.)

I can offer no explanation for why I’m playing a track by The Urinal Mints. Obviously I should be stopped before they send me any more. But this, as clearly retarded as it is, is also glorious. My god, they even go acoustic around the 1.30 mark and turn it into a mass singalong. Brings tears to your eyes, it does.

I’m still kind of digesting “Shadow Codex.” It’s one of those musics that suggests an entire space and environment to me. There’s a few moments in there that seem to answer the age-old question, “what if Michael Nyman was forced to make a glitch album?” Okay, it might have only been me asking that. It’s from an upcoming compilation entitled EMERGING ORGANISMS on Tympanik Audio.

I swear, at the top of the second minute of “Cities Of The Red Night,” I can hear Show No Mercy actually travelling back in time. Seriously, by the end of it, Jimmy Page is crushing chords with a bit of mammoth tusk while a monkey waves his bits at a huge black monolith. This is from their new album DEATH IS MY RELIGION. It is, of course, a collection of chirpy pop ballads.


Regular John – “My Crooked Toe” (2:49)

The Hungry Ghost – “This Cold Abyss” (4:38)

The Urinal Mints – “I Wanna Smoke Crack With You” (2:05)

Phylum Sinter – “Shadow Codex” (4:10)

Show No Mercy – “Cities Of The Red Night” (2:01)

The 4am needs music: If you want your music to be played on The 4am, email your 128kbps-plus mp3 files directly to

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