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An Actual Web Magazine

This is a screenshot of the dashboard from an experimental private board I run. The system, some will recognise, is a hacked and expanded tumblelog dashboard, as found on services like Tumblr.

Magazines on the web that replicate print magazines are just fine. It’s all about content, after all. But sometimes I get itchy. Sometimes I think that a magazine for the web just transposes the strictures of print on to the web — in terms of an sf magazine, which has been the conversation this week, that’s the simple transposition of prose and a little art to the screen — and that a web magazine would have prose and art and photography and sound and vision.

Just as simple as in the above screen — press a button and plug in the text or the address.

A web magazine would, surely, give equal weight to the multimedia provisions of webspace — where, in any given week or issue, you’d find spoken-word, sound collage, music and video interpretation at least as often as you’d find artwork.

Just a thought. I should put Simon Reynolds’ BLISSBLOG disclaimer up here somewhere: “not fully baked.” Or, perhaps, Kieron Gillen’s disclaimer of incapacity: “DUNK!!!”

(There’s quite a lot of whisky in my coffee.)

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