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The 4am: 3

The 4am is a mixtape file containing nothing but music donated directly by new and/or unsigned acts. The 4am is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. The 4am is mixed down to 128 of the kbps. The 4am is not afraid of your nipples. The 4am is imflammable.

3: That Man Has A Peculiar Walk

“Black Fly” fascinates me because it’s hard to pin down what it is from moment to moment — a sort of Industrial Prog Worldpop. “Pray For Me My Prey” is just fucking peculiar, as I’ve come to expect from anything involving JahFurry, New York City’s favourite freakscene facilitator. “Kletka ot Sniag” is all in Bulgarian, for reasons unknown to me, and is provided to me by Dorian from his current album BOLKA. It has a sort of epic bleakness to it.

“Hayride To Hell”… yeah. It’s a perfectly structured little pop song, but it’s also… Wrong. The Miracles Of God’s various claims to fame include having been run over by a drunk driver while on tour and playing the site of the world’s biggest urinal.

I’ve mentioned Kemper Norton on the site before, and I’m honoured to have been given “Denaissance” to play on the 4am. “Slurtronic folk collective” is how the sound’s been described, and, while I don’t get the folk element so much, you’ve got to love the word “slurtronic,” right? I know nothing about Jethro Furvert beyond the fact that his name is apparently Jethro Furvert. Which may well be enough.


Tribal Machine – “Black Fly” (4:09)
JahFurry and Josh Sampson – “Pray For Me My Prey” (3:32)
Dorian Wood – “Kletka ot Sniag” (5:47)
The Miracles Of God – “Hayride To Hell” (2:36)
Kemper Norton – “Denaissance” (4:58)
Jethro Furvert – Comfortably Glum (4:18)

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