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[BAD SIGNAL] Wherein I Decide That Perhaps I Sometimes Drink Too Much

bad signal

Someone’s just unearthed a post I wrote on, I think, MySpace, possibly
a year ago. And I don’t remember writing it. Which doesn’t bode well,
really. It may have been one of those “hey someone else is looking
after my daughter I can drink the entire whisky cabinet” weekends.
The post reads:

“I have decided that the next stage of my Conquering of the world
requires that I take a flock, or perhaps coven, of Internet Wives.

“For the men reading this, I believe I also require an army of
Eunuch Guards to attend them.

“It’s a horrible fate for you all, I know, but you can’t stand in
the way of the Future.”

What’s worse: I am completely sober (if hopped up on Turkish coffee),
and I’m wondering if there isn’t some kind of web badge or merch
I could get out of this. If people are freaky enough to wear the HOLY
SLUT ARMY t that Donna Desborough knocked out, then maybe

…no. I need more coffee. And possibly a slap.

— W


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