[BAD SIGNAL] Bank Holiday

August 27th, 2007 | FeedWordPress

bad signal

National holiday, here in the mother
country.  But not for me.  Too
much to do.  Hit a slowdown point
on two jobs, where I can't quite see
where to go next.  Mike Moorcock
had a formula for that, when he
was writing fast: descend into a
minor character.  But that doesn't
always work when you're writing
in 22-page units.  Not getting
enough bloody sleep is the problem,
but deadlines don't move.

Reviews continue to come in on the
novel.  Mostly positive, amazingly:
I've had two or three beatings, but,
to my great amusement, one of
them seemed not to have read the
book -- "quoting" things that aren't
actually in the book is always a red
flag -- and the others seemed to
have had their sense of humour
surgically removed.  On the whole,
I seem to have gotten away with it.
Which was the absolute best I could
hope for.  Though if I ever meet the
Entertainment Weekly reviewer
who called what I do for a living
"picture books"....

And last week I wrote a couple of
hundred words on BATTLESTAR
GALACTICA for a Rolling Stone
feature on the autumn US tv
season.  I'm presuming that'll be
out sometime next month.

Back to work.

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