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[BAD SIGNAL] The Bag Of Extreme Manliness

bad signal

For those who were interested in
this -- and for those laughing at
me, you bastards -- I sorted out
the kit I'm carrying in Teh Bag. 

The bag itself is a weathered-looking,
leathery satchel thing -- not enough
pockets, not really big enough, but
it'll do for now.  It contains:

*  Sony Cybershot P200, 7.2

*  A ruled Moleskine and a blank
Moleskine -- one for notes, one
for sketches.

*  A black Pentel gelpen, a cheap
propelling pencil.

*  1GB Sandisk Sansa mp3 player
with noise-cancelling earbuds.

*  Treo 600.

*  Treo foldaway keyboard (no
longer made!).

*  Baggallini travel pouch zipped
into the back for holding bank books

*  Docupen R800 handheld mobile

*  Nokia N73 phone.

*  Nokia bluetooth foldaway
keyboard for the N73.  Which is
amazingly useful, as the phone has
excellent email and websurfing

*  Dynamo windup micro-torch.
Which has its uses, believe me, as
we tend to take weekend breaks in
the country, often miles from any

*  Gelert 8x21 monocular.  Also
for country travel.

*  Victorinox Swiss Champ knife and
survival kit.  Not my favourite
Swiss knife, but since I can't find my
Huntsman, this'll do double-duty
in the garden.  The survival kit
holster it sits in has useful pockets
-- I can get rid of the signal mirror
and other Ray Mears-style stuff
and repack it with plasters and meds.
Also comes with a handy sharpening

*  Currently MIA -- a wind-up phone
charger I got for Xmas.

Obviously, I can't leave the country
with any of this shit.  But in daily
life I always found myself wanting
one of these items and not having
them on me.  I mean, clearly there's
something wrong with my life that
I'd find myself deep in East Sussex
woodland, miles from civilisation,
and wanting a monocular (or a
signal mirror, come to think of it).
But one day I may need to whittle
myself a coracle out of a tree
stump and then fashion a sail out
of ferns, bark and forty feet of
nylon cord.  In the dark.  While on
the web.

Shut up.

-- W

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