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[BAD SIGNAL] It’s Tuesday, Right?

bad signal

*  Funny: is probably one of the biggest
groups on the Ning  system now.  Pretty daft for something I only
activated as a toy for you  all to play with.  Huge amount of activity
there now, blogging, videos,  photo uploads.  Plenty to waste that
valuable work time  with.

*  I'm in the middle of wrapping up a ton of script pages to  send
to Avatar, and finishing CASTLEVANIA with the other hand (it's
in the  "donkey work" stage now, writing the connective tissue,
polishing up bits,  fixing/hammering awkward sections).  So I'll
probably remain pretty  uncommunicative for the rest of the week,
beyond the first thing in the  morning/last thing at night blogging
passes and managing the really fucking  frightening amount of
messages I get at

* But I did note that apparently the  Gene Hunt role in the
ill-advised American remake of LIFE ON MARS is going  to
good old Colm Meaney.  And god knows Meaney's made some
crap to  pay the mortgage, but he tends to elevate a thing --
or at least let some  light into it -- just by showing up.  So I
might give the remake a look  after all, even though it's 
almost guaranteed to be a train  wreck...

-- W  



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