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bad signal

* Going to dig out my keys to the
DOKTOR SLEEPLESS wiki today and
see if I can work out what's going
on there.

* Have also created and hidden a
DOK community-style website. Not
a new message board per se, not
the new online community I was
talking about earlier.

* Will also lean on Avatar next
week in re: SCIENCE BITCH t-shirts
to go with the SCIENCE BASTARD Ts.

* Spacebar doesn't work properly
on new keyboard. Bah.

*  The comics business goes to
Wizard World Chicago this weekend.
I am not.  In fact, I have no more con
appearances scheduled, anywhere.
This is an immensely pleasant
prospect, post-San Diego.  Very
tempting to just take a couple of
years off shows entirely, though
I doubt it'll happen.  

* Have set the Apparat Novella
for December.  Have decided to
try and get one done for March as
well, aiming for 3 to 4 a year.  The
second one's historical too.  The 3rd
would have to be different...

*  Am doing a PA in Second Life
today -- details on website.

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