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bad signal

Up late again.  Very bad.  Need to
get a Second Life Sketch written in
the next few hours.  Which will be
a bastard, because the grid's been
grinding so fucking slowly over the
last week.  Have barely been able
to manage being inworld for five
mins at a time over the last week.
There's a real End Of Days feeling
about SL for me right now: Voice
is going to finish them off unless
they get smart fast.

It sometimes occurs to me that The
Smiths had the perfect pop career.
A single every three months, one
album a year.  Take out the touring,
and that would be a wonderful work
rate, wouldn't it?

Of course, that was back in the days
when mystique still lived.  Don't see
it so much anymore.  Now we can
pretty much see into the colon of
even non-entities like the mouthy,
horse-faced Sade tribute act Amy
Winehouse on YouTube on an hourly
basis.  And a search for actual news
instead delivers pages of Britney
Spears crying painfully after a 
private custody hearing.  Even
though she was clearly one of those
mad fame-craving children that
LA pod-houses squat out year on
year like a humanoid factory, I
find myself feeling sorry for her.
She should have been able to exist
as a perfectly made-up and 
perfectly lit pop confection, a
virtual creature, and then allowed
to fade away into a real life when
her time was done.  Instead, we
get presented with her daily, almost
retching with pain and fear, her
weak chin pulled back into her neck
as her mouth twists with the agony
of trying to hold back hot tears in
the face of a bunch of people with
cameras.  Puffy eyes behind huge
ugly sunglasses.  It's no wonder they
all go mad.

Coming out of a restaurant once
with Patrick Stewart and Wendy
Neuss, I walked into paparazzi
waiting for him.  As they cranked off
their shots, Patrick said, "well, you
can't tell Niki you just went down
the pub now, can you?"  And then
he turned to them, smiled, and
said, "Thank you."  It takes a 
certain perspective to know that
those glass eyes can turn nasty.  I
imagine that, like tipping a cabbie,
you never know when a painless
"thank you" will do you a favour
down the road.  And that snakes
should be respected, if only for
the harm they can do.

Wow.  That was a tangent, eh?

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