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Mike Wieringo’s BUCK ROGERS

On my message board, every week or two for a few months, I’d do a thread called REMAKE/REMODEL, where I’d call out an old comics characters for the board’s artists to revamp as an exercise. Mike joined in a few times. This was, I think, the one that blew everyone away: Mike’s take on BUCK ROGERS.

(The original thread is here, but the link will be no good past Aug 31 2007.)

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  1. Oh that is very nice.

    I would’ve liked to seen more of that.

    Maybe Mike is getting to work with some of the design guys on the other side now. It’s a big universe and someone has to fill it. I can totally see him working on the Kirby team.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm frock coat. Buck never looked so good.

  3. Jay Elmore Jay Elmore

    Mike had a similar sketch titled “Prince of Saturn” from a week or so ago. If his site was still up, I’d link to it.

    Hold on, I found it on DeviantArt:

    I think he was taking that Buck Rogers sketch and trying to turn it into a workable concept. He said he’d had Edgar Rice Burroughs on the brain recently.

    Such a crying shame.

  4. Greg Greg

    That was Damn good.

    No one ever dies on time…

  5. Jay Elmore Jay Elmore

    Never mind my ramblings. Apparently Saturn Kid/Prince of Saturn was something Wieringo had been kicking around for a while.

  6. […] know his work very well, but his take on Buck Rogers over at the ENGINE blew me away. (Thanks to Love Swami for the pic; I would have spent hours searching through the ENGINE’s archives for […]

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