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Things I Wonder About: Animation

How do you get a new animated series on the air these days, I wonder?

I’ve gotten close a number of times — one, I was about to sign the contract on when the network underwent a staffing change, and the new boss rescinded the deal just as pen was about to touch
paper. One got killed just before the deal was to be issued, as new guidelines about violent/”edgy” content came in, and mine was both.

And, of course, I had a “webisode” in production and a few more in development when the dotcom bubble burst.

Odd to think that if the internet business had stayed booming, most of my work would be in animation these days.

The only animation I’ve worked on that’s actually gotten to broadcast was that episode of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED I wrote last year, which seemed to be pretty well received.

I find myself wondering: how’s the field changed in the years since I was involved in developing original material for it?

I wonder how to get an original animated series on the air, or on the cable or or the net, somewhere.

Things I Wonder About: #88675 in a series, collect them all.

— W

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