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The Sunday Hangover with Warren Ellis

“…an ex-girlfriend once gave me a book called something like “Four American Writers Who Drank Until Their Livers Caught Fire And Slid Out Of Their Bumholes Like Meaty Napalm.” “Brilliant!” I said. “That wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for,” she said…”

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  1. stevew stevew

    The sauce got to me decades ago as the liver was beginning to smolder, quit and still have one that works – pain is a great modifier of behavior. I often think about 3 writers in America who’ve made indelible impresssions on me; but they didn’t wait for liver failure, Ernest Hemingway, Jerzy Kosinski, Richard Brautigan. The first and last went by shotguns, the middle one chose liquids.

  2. Deb Deb

    I thought that there were going to be problems with people accessing digital data in the future due to the fact that new systems were being introduced that couldn’t read older files due to file extensions and the software used.

    Great article.

  3. ~A~ ~A~

    If the MCain advisor you’re referring to is Bob Allen, (R) Florida, the officer was a male officer (not a female as one might suppose) and it was Allen who offered to perform the sex act on the undercover officer AND pay for the priveledge of doing so.

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