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  1. Thought I’d drop a line and let you know I’ve never seen this ad, living in the US (Seattle, Washington). maybe its California, and Texas area, but definetly not national. Hard to immagine anyone could even make a video like that.

  2. Fitz Fitz

    I get that kind of treatment from old ladies all the time. Usually they just yell “Where’s the beef?”

  3. MBL MBL

    I haven’t seen it either, and I’m in Chicago. Surely anyone with the cash to finance a national ad buy can find somebody to make an ad that isn’t completely ridiculous… right?

  4. Jettcat Jettcat

    I live in California and have never seen this ad. Granted, I watch channels that don’t normally air political commercials.

  5. Filthy old tarts, get out of my country!!

  6. Christ.

    How hard is it to do that whole dual-citizenship dance with fair Britannia?

  7. Rob H Rob H

    Haven’t seen it in Texas. Living in San Antonio, with one of the largest Hispanic populations in the US, I wouldn’t expect it to be too popular around here.

  8. Erin Erin

    According to the website listed in the ad, it says it’s airing in “targeted states” and says ” We need your help to spread this campaign from coast-to-coast.” That said, I live in Texas, probably the most likely state for this to air in, and I haven’t seen it.

    It’s incredibly annoying, at any rate. Looks like something that would air during daytime TV next to the injury lawyers and shouty furniture store owners.

  9. yep, like everyone else here…never seen this ad.

  10. I’ve been an advocate of building a massive wall along the Texas border, in order to keep out undesirables, for most of my life.

    Where I disagree with these chuckleheads is that they seem to want to build the wall along the southern side of the state.

  11. A-Hoy A-Hoy

    As it stands places like texas and california are home to latinos, independent of political leanings. hell, if dallas elects an open lesbian latina as their sheriff then this ad isn’t running anywhere near it. most likely this ad runs in places where miscegenation is a commonly used phrase, ie. the south not the west

    and for the record, not seen in wisconsin yet.

  12. Yeah, that ain’t the kind of advert they’d run in Portland, Oregon.

    They’re appealing to the resentful nativist demographic.

  13. trini_naenae trini_naenae

    Thank heavens I don’t watch tv anymore. I’ll never have to see that awful thing again.

  14. Haven’t seen it here either. I can”t think it would make anyone popular.

  15. Jack Holcomb Jack Holcomb

    Who’s the genius who decided that it was a good idea to express their anti-immigration idiocy as homage to a Wendy’s ad campaign from a quarter century ago? Is anyone else reminded of that episode of The Office (American version) where Steve Carell gets up in front of a convention crowd in 2004 and exclaims “Good morning, Vietnam!”?


  16. Anastasius Anastasius

    Poor Mexicans, I hope they get the fence fast so they can keep all those nuts out.

  17. Anastasius Anastasius

    Poor Mexicans, I hope they get the fence soon so they can keep those nuts out.

  18. haha.. where is the offence!

  19. Charles Charles

    This ad isn’t clueless, it’s targeted — probably at the rural South. Have any of you more incredulous commentors spent time there?

    Last time I was in the boonies in Georgia, I had a conversation about immigration with a third generation Mexican-American. All four of her grandparents had been migrant workers, and none of them crossed the border legally. She told me with a straight face that congress needs to do something about all the illegals because they’re coming here and stealing our jobs.

    I shit you not.

    Irony aside — her view is pretty damn moderate where she lives — it doesn’t involve shooting anyone.

  20. optical optical

    Where’s DEFENSE? Oh, the Fence. Sorry.

  21. Mike Mike

    Haven’t seen it here in Arizona either. I also don’t watch a lot of local TV, though. had a big, obnoxious billboard up near my house for a while about a year ago. Something about illegal immigrants. I remember briefly being worried that the proposed grass fire was their solution to the perceived problem.

  22. paul blume paul blume

    Once again, sick and ashamed of even living here. By ‘here’ meaning the South, where such sentiments
    are dishearteningly common.

  23. We haven’t seen that ad in Georgia. As a lifelong resident, I can tell you that the dominant attitude isn’t one of racism and fear. Few people have a problem with immigrants coming to America looking for work and opportunity, they just want them to go through the citizenship process like our ancestors did. The fence has been proposed to enforce our immigration policies, which most other countries enforce regularly on their own soil with little or no international censure.

    As for the ad, I’m pretty sure it’s intended either to be satire or disparagement against the pro-fence faction. In the “rural south”, that manner of presentation would be seen as condescending.

  24. Bob Bob

    I’m in AZ, and yes, I’ve seen it. More right wing hate all of YOU (YOU == Unamerican Brownies) crap that spews forth from the lips of my patriotic brethren that makes me so proud…

    Just ridiculously sad to think that a fence would work at all, and really that’s just bait to feed the bomb-them-all policy-mongers.

  25. Wow, I have never seen that ad, but really. One part of me is horribly insulted, but another part of me is incredibly amused.

  26. Myles Griffin Myles Griffin

    I live in South Carolina and haven’t seen this ad anywhere. That said, most people around here don’t really give two shits about the immigration ‘issue.’ either way. That may just be people I’ve run into though.

  27. C’mon old man. You should realize by now that NOTHING is truly national in the US except credit card debt and a basic sort of superiority. Like the first commenter said, up here in Seattle, you only see that commercial when it’s being ridiculed on The Daily Show.

  28. Christian Otholm Christian Otholm

    How can this not be a joke? Or rather, who targets a demograph that probably isn’t going to be around long enough to actually do something that crazy? Of course those old people do love to complain…

  29. Jess Nevins Jess Nevins

    I live outside of Houston, and it’s running here.

  30. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Billyhank: I don’t care, you people all look the same to me.

  31. I’ve not seen the commercial in Alabama, though I also don’t watch much television outside of the occasional HOUSE episode. But I will wager that a sadly large number of people around here would find it “hee-larious”.

    Attitudinally, the only real difference between gays and Mexicans is the level of violence acceptable in dealing with the former. I’m not, sadly, going to be surprised when I finally hear someone say that being Mexican is against God’s will.

  32. Susan Susan

    I’m in Ohio- the southern part- and we don’t have this ad. Then again, I’m not sure they’re too worried about illegal aliens here and if they are, I guess we’d be more worried about them coming from the north. And really, who is worried about Canadians?

  33. Chance Chance

    I’m in Idaho. I haven’t seen this yet. The farmers in this state hire many illegal immigrants to work during the summer and the fall harvest so this won’t fly here.

  34. my favorite part of this ridiculous fence plot is that in the initial blueprints for it, the fence will wind up going right through the middle of a U.S. college campus, a national park, and contractors want to build a good bit of it on the mexican side of the border (good luck convincing mexico of that).

  35. Greg Greg

    Not running here in Pennsyltucky. While I think the fence is just a stupid political gesture — really, you can just dig under it or climb it — I’d love to see a wall. A Great Wall, if you will. Something you can see from space. When the economy goes in the shitter, we’ll build it as part of the Newer Deal, WPA. Not to keep anyone out or in, just because the border tends to be a bit of lame deal along most of its length.

  36. David H David H

    My opinion has been that the immigration process should be made easier and more efficient to encourage legal immigration. The YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) had a demonstration a year ago expressing their opinion about immigration. One held up a sign that said “Legal immigration is good”. The purpose of the demonstration was to highlight the money spent processing illegals through the court system each year in Texas. Of course, the minority groups had a counter protest claiming the conservative white guys and girls were racist. “I’m a Mexican, I can’t help how I was born!” one student exclaimed. There’s ignorance on both sides, as usual.

  37. i too live in Alabama. haven’t seen it. i do miss the 30 secs i just lost, though.

  38. Elana Elana

    As a Canadian, my first impression (obviously wrong) was that the ad was tongue-in-cheek, because it was also making fun of the people who are advocates of the fence. Because they’re annoying old ladies. I gather from comments that it’s actually spoofing some Wendy’s commercial that I’ve never seen. Oh well, I like my version better.

  39. If there were no Mexicans in America the place would be a shithole because Americans don’t want the jobs that Mexicans are dying to have.

    Build a fence and those old cunts in the video here won’t have gardeners and maids and cooks and shit any more. See how they like it then, when they have to do their own menial shit that they think they are too good for.

    Yeah I said cunts.

    America…give us your tired your poor indeed. Coming soon to Marvel Comics:

    Captain America, back from the dead, and rewriting Lady Liberty’s tablets with a sawed off shotgun.

  40. i wonder who they’ll employ to build their damned fence?

  41. Sean Hansen Sean Hansen

    Wow. I haven’t seen it run in Indiana yet, but I’m sure it will even though we benefit from the hispanic population significantly. Just like how everyone ‘hates’ France despite the fact the French are investing wicked cash into the Indiana economy through factory work.


  42. Chris Chris

    Good Christ, I come from a country of fucking morons.

  43. Thank god I have Tivo.

  44. And the greatest philosophical dilemma of them all is: who exactly do they think is going to build it?


  45. Oki this is difficult…
    I read all the comments because this does concern me a bit, since I’m Mexican.
    What is the point of view here? The low class complain, like usual. I cheer those who has the guts to leave here because they will go to work for real instead of just sticking their hand out to our government for money, the truth is that most low class are lazy and want others to give them stuff without effort.
    Now Middle class..We laugh! That fence won’t stop it, I wonder why and who is putting up this silly show if they all know they need this immigrants to do the dirtiest, hardest work.
    Now what do the high class say: fuck it they don’t care for anything really, just themselves, sadly I don’t blame them.
    This commercial made me laugh and feel sorry for those who live in ignorance… but for most Ignorance is bliss..
    I guess that is why I don’t have such a blessed life, that is why I’m moving there legally to sadly earn a job for my talent rather than friendship , that is why so many leave.
    But that is just my silly humble opinion.

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