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  1. This is really quite distressing. Not the photo- that’s more baffling, than anything else- no, I mean his website themangina.com. I’m kinda surprised this guy hasn’t been arrested. A lot. And yet, I’m torn because some of this looks pretty decent.

    He has a livejournal. I should have known.

  2. For people who are disgusted/confused/intrigued:

    Patrick “the Mangina” Buckle is a performance artist who often works in conjunction with writer Jonathan Ames. His art–and I’m working from memory here, so I might be wrong on the rationale–is about how the yonic is as strong as the phallic. Or stronger. Something like that.

    What I know for sure is that Patrick Buckle’s performance art, in part, consists of him walking around wearing nothing but the Mangina (which can refer to the sculpture and the man), which is the rubber-y apparatus you see in the photo. It’s basically a prosthetic rubber vagina that he wears over his penis. The labia on the Mangina is really his shaved scrotum. He calls it the “lotum,” and when he’s performing, he invites people to finger the mangina.

    I’ve been to a few variety shows that Ames put on. I fingered the Mangina on one occasion. It feels surprisingly like a real vagina, except drier and looser. Which I guess says a lot about bald scrota.

    You can read more about The Mangina in Ames’s essay collections, like “My Less Than Secret Life.” And I’m sure that if you scoured the Internet you could find something.

  3. Thank you warren not only are you responsible for informing me that a friend of mine does porn also youve just left that image burned into my retina’s all this and you’ve never even directly addresed in any medium.

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