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Bright Spark

So I’m listening through the magic-mix of the week’s offerings at Piccadilly Records, and this… thing starts playing. It’s a one-minute low-bitrate excerpt of a single called “Take A Look At Your Life” (except that elsewhere it seems to be referred to as “Take A Look At Yourself”) by Bright Spark. No-one knows who Bright Spark is, and apparently only three hundred copies were made. It’s a sort of massively retarded, obscene version of “Once In A Lifetime.”

This is that excerpt. Listen.

The b-side, “Valentine,” is frightening, but also features the couplet “you’re dead good at sex/and cooking me tea.” I think I like it better. Listen. I’m vaguely reminded of The Macc Lads, and their own era-defining couplet “Do you love me?/Well, I fuck you, don’t I?”

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