Holy shit.

(EDIT: #337 at 7.24pm BST. FFS)

(EDIT: Amazon.com Sales Rank: #324 in Books – 9.04pm BST. Book is now searchable in bestsellers, was #8 in Movers & Shakers, now #10. I think my agent just fainted. Someone might actually fucking buy this book.)

(EDIT: #265 at 10.30pm. We are all weirded out now.)

7 thoughts on “#450”

  1. that’s weird. it says July 24 for amazon.com, but both amazon.ca & chapters.ca (where i preordered mine) have it listed for july 10. looks like us northerners’ll be able to taunt the yanks with our earlier copies for a fortnight!

  2. The best bits about that page…

    “What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item? –
    76% buy the item featured on this page”

    76% of *all* people who look at it… buy it. That’s got to be quite an impressive turn over judging by how much publicity the book has received.

    And the tags?
    “love swami”, “warren ellis is my jesus ” and “internet jesus”

    People are going to be digging this up in hundreds of years time and thinking you’re some kind of deity.
    “With the Cigarette and the Red Bull he came, spreading his naughty wisdom throughout the land from the sacred metropolis of Southend-on-Sea”

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