ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Hot 100: In Living Colour

June 23rd, 2007 | about warren ellis/contact

Thanks to the sainted Donna Ricci, the page in question:

6 Responses to “ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Hot 100: In Living Colour”

  1. at least you rate better than that Borat bastard……….

  2. i’m amazed that EW mentioned not only warren but also the amazing lorrie moore. funny how nothing else in their little snot rag is worth a piece of shit. is EW only acting dumb the rest of the year? could they really be this clever all year around?
    congrats again, w.

  3. And Miranda July!

  4. Great blub:

    “If it wasn’t for Red Bull and Silk Cut cigarettes, the damn things would never have seen the light of day”.

    Ever think of getting “official” sponsorship for all of your works, Warren?

  5. […] to the amazing blog of Warren Ellis for the pointer (he was pointing out the recommendation for his new, highly anticipated new book Crooked Little […]

  6. I was delighted to open up the magazine and see not only your name but also an excellent pin-up by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (nos. 90-91) on the following page.

    Nice one.