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LiveJournal Deletes Hundreds Of “Paedophile” Sites

Anti-kiddiefiddler group Warriors For Innocence claim responsibility for LiveJournal “permanently suspending” hundreds of LJs that betrayed interest in paedophilia. However, it seems not to have gone so smoothly:

Setting a new precedent, LiveJournal, owned by Six Apart Incorporated, deleted over 500 of its sites or journals today. Responding to requests from Warriors For Innocence, LiveJournal chose to remove sites that promote pedophilia, child sex, child abuse, and other illegal activities.

…we did not report sites that are about Lolita fashion. Those sites were deleted by LJ because LJ (not WFI) chose to delete all sites with certain �interests� listed…

…We can tell the difference between a pedophile site and a survivor/support group site. And no, we did not ask for the survivor/support group sites to be deleted. We actually expressed our concern over keeping them up and running even though their interests may be listed as the same as a pedophile site…

Lia’s got a small collection of related links here. Personally? I have an eleven year old daughter. I’m with Warriors For Innocence on this. (EDIT: A little clarification, for the hard of thinking.)

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