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  1. …I am FUCKED. Considering the vast amounts of highly-caffeinated soft drinks I consume, I fully expect to develop ataxia any day now. I can feel my DNA unwraveling as we speak.

    I officially hate science.

  2. But… but… but ‘Coke Adds Life’!

  3. And cancer, don’t forget they cause cancer too. I’m screwed anyway, I ate cheap beef in the 80’s.

  4. I’d like to point out that nowhere in the article do they actually say what concentration or amount of sodium benzoate they used in their test, so we have no way to derive how many cans of soda that equates to a day.

    Okay, here’s a blast from the past… the Alar scare on apples/apple juice of the mid-to-late 80s was the result of tests that, if equivalent concentrations were used on humans, you’d have to drink 5000 gallons of apple juice a day.

    This has all the look and feel of a modern version.

  5. Nique Nique

    Sodium Benzoate is in f-ing everything… if it were really that terribly dangerous, we’d probably all be lurching zombies by now. Probably, you just shouldn’t *bathe* in the stuff, or let your children drink ten cans a day, as some people are wont to do. I wonder if this guy’s funding was running out? Because making a public scare about preservatives is always a great way to keep that research grant…

  6. Aaron Stonestrom Aaron Stonestrom

    This is a really good example of public media making a story out of nothing. How many times do people need to read about how everything’s going to kill them before they realize that there’s really no danger? Nique has it right.

  7. Optical Optical

    …if it were really that terribly dangerous, we’d probably all be lurching zombies by now.

    Sorry, I was listening to my iPod. You were saying?

  8. Linkage #003…

    Κανονικά θα ανέβαζα μια πραγματεία πάνω στην πειρατεία, τις επιπτώσεις της στην κοινωνία και πώς πρέπει…

  9. Tony Heugh Tony Heugh

    Interesting. I’ve noticed in the past weeks that tesco and sainsburys have been selling half and two litre bottles of Dr Pepper, Fanta and Pepsi Max for half price. Did they know this was coming? Someone help me, my DNA is off.

  10. Oh geez, now I am going to have to start drinking that crap as part of my “DNA manipulation” diet.

  11. sucker-san sucker-san

    Maybe this could be used to switch off the dna in cancerous tissue. Maybe the future of cancer treatment is chronic soda consumption. Specific cancer gene targeted diet soda.

  12. Victor Victor

    EVERYTHING will KILL YOU. Sodas, Tomatoes, Milk, Cheese, Bread. EVERYTHING! I wish it was more like the 30´s, when people had much greater life expectancy than today with less “chemicals” running arond in our food… : p

    Seriously. There´s not a thing in my kitchen that won´t “kill me” according to a news story somewhere. Plus I just love the bloody Coca-Cola.

  13. These things generally do not scale up to human beings. He used yeast. Given all the cancer cures that worked on MICE but not actual people, you can see why I doubt this study.

  14. Professor Peter Piper Yeah, that’s what it says.

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