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    Found this site. Is this what you’re on about? INTERZONE the last of the 4 links inside is dead. 404 hell.

    It is always very sad for things to die. Find a favorite pen, and they stop making it…no longer available…go to the web, and it’s bullshit city arizona to find the stores you know exist if you drive there, but are impossible to locate with the retarded site specific search engines…don’t get me started…

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis


    (And INTERZONE’s at TTA Press now.)

  3. Too bad. Thanks for the update. The only thing I got out of DNA was that from the host was that it was being considered for demise or needing funding. Not very good am I re:research on the net. Know of no methods around bullshit, and know of no one. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  4. From

    According to, DNA Publications is under investigation for fraud. Fans who paid for a subscription to KISS magazine (the official authorized quarterly) from DNA publications had NOT been receiving the magazine. Neither KISS nor DNA offered any explanation for the missing issues. Nor did either offer to refund unhappy customers. Emails to KISS management and DNA went unanswered.

    Now the Virginia State Police have started an Official Fraud investigation.

    Anyone who ordered the Official KISS Quarterly magazine from DNA and never received an issue are asked to contact the following and file a complaint:

    Joe Diaz, Detective Radford Department of Police 601 W. Main Street Radford, VA 24141 Phone: (540) 731-3627 Fax: (540) 639-0104 Cell: (540) 605-0481 E-Mail :

    Pay Pal is also investigating

    DNA is known in the sf/f/h community for publishing magazines such as Absolute Magnitude, Dreams of Decadence, Science Fiction Chronicle, and, at one time, Weird Tales.

    (JP note: Weird Tales was acquired by Wildside Press just before DNA collapsed.)

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