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The World Has Cheated Me Out Of This

Another score by Jess Nevins, who explains:

The poster to the tragically-unmade Hammer film Zeppelin v Pterodactyls.

…”The story was along the lines of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, with a German Zeppelin being blown off-course during a bombing raid on London and winding up at a “lost continent”-type place.”

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  1. Myles Griffin Myles Griffin

    By Darkseid’s testicles, Warren, please do something with this. It isn’t fair that we were robbed of this majestic beauty. Only you can save it, Internet Jesus.

  2. I am of the opinion that a film with a plot such as this + Warren Ellis = Awesome. Go on Warren, steal the film! The little demons tell you to, and no-one can resist the powers of a diminutive demon. They’re just so cute!

  3. I dunno, seems like it would have been a short movie. Baloon v. Creatures with Lots of Pointy Bits. My money’s on the creatures with lots of pointy bits.

  4. t3knomanser t3knomanser

    Warren- this is why the Internet exists. So that people can MAKE AND DISTRIBUTE FILMS LIKE THIS.

    Would you like a kidney? I have an extra, and I think it’d be worth it to bring this movie to the screen.

  5. Holy sweet mother of God!!!
    I want to see this movie…
    I want to make this movie…
    I must…
    Oh yes, I must…

  6. Sam Beaven Sam Beaven

    This would be a great prequel to snakes on a plane, you know. Just saying. For funding purposes and whatnot.

    Plus, y’know, if it was written by you Warren? It would be a phantasmagorific experience is what I’m saying.

  7. RMC RMC

    Writers of Dr. Who prick up your ears. This is the Hammer homage you have been waiting for!

  8. […] über den Zeppelinfreien Himmel. Schwer zu fassen, noch schwerer zu finden. Die Spur führt über Warren Ellis zu Jess Nevins, da wiederum zu Airminded, das Poster findet sich hier und schlussendlich beim […]

  9. The only thing this art needs is a pilot in the claw of one of the pteradactyls, flailing about and knowing he’s doomed…

  10. mark mark

    the old awful “real ghostbusters” comic did an arc resurrecting this idea, sooo sooooooo bad.

  11. Saurians on an Airship…

    AKA:Pterodactyls on a ZeppelinDinos on a Dirigible
    Jess Nevins picks up on this never produced Hammer film Zeppelin vs Pterodactyls:

    Embarrassingly it was given a side mention in the previous moth’s Fortean Times and I missed it. Luckily Airmin…

  12. Jamie Jamison Jamie Jamison

    How about this one “Zeppelins v. Nukes”. You can check out this image at

    I recall hearing that the background story was that some scientists were observing a nuke go off from a Zeppelin. Why, I don’t know, it was the fifties, when hanging out and watching nukes go off above ground was just another way of killing time.whj

  13. It is tragic that Hammer Films never made this movie, but even more tragic now that the movie has been made. See what Republic Pictures would have done with this title as a 1936 cliffhanger serial:

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