The World Has Cheated Me Out Of This

Another score by Jess Nevins, who explains:

The poster to the tragically-unmade Hammer film Zeppelin v Pterodactyls.

…”The story was along the lines of THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, with a German Zeppelin being blown off-course during a bombing raid on London and winding up at a “lost continent”-type place.”

14 thoughts on “The World Has Cheated Me Out Of This”

  1. By Darkseid’s testicles, Warren, please do something with this. It isn’t fair that we were robbed of this majestic beauty. Only you can save it, Internet Jesus.

  2. I am of the opinion that a film with a plot such as this + Warren Ellis = Awesome. Go on Warren, steal the film! The little demons tell you to, and no-one can resist the powers of a diminutive demon. They’re just so cute!

  3. Warren- this is why the Internet exists. So that people can MAKE AND DISTRIBUTE FILMS LIKE THIS.

    Would you like a kidney? I have an extra, and I think it’d be worth it to bring this movie to the screen.

  4. This would be a great prequel to snakes on a plane, you know. Just saying. For funding purposes and whatnot.

    Plus, y’know, if it was written by you Warren? It would be a phantasmagorific experience is what I’m saying.

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