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  1. That looks truly stomach churning for the pilot.

  2. Chris Mapley Chris Mapley

    That was amazing. The forces at work on the pilot must be astounding. How many points of thrust are there on that thing?

  3. It’s rare to see something on a little youtube screen and have a truly oh $#!+ moment. I was alternating between wondering how fast he was going and how slow he was going. Amazing.

  4. the big clue is the smoke trails. The more turbulent, the more he’s breaking the laws of aerodynamics with glee. Cobra flips, turns and Chakras are all pilot killers in unvectored planes.
    Glacial cooness in the cockpit.

  5. Greg Greg

    Tremble Estonia!

    For our jetfighters can parallel park in midair.

    Not to mention our flying saucers, which can park most anywhere:

    Thanks for hipping me to English Russia.

  6. that’s something you’d want to practice at a high altitude.

  7. James Francis James Francis

    I grew up near an RAF maintenance base, serving both British and US aircraft. I always had a thing for fighter planes. I remember a quote from a USAF pilot well over a decade ago (I’d link it if I could find it) saying the MIG29 would have topped an F-15 or F-18 in a dogfight, purely by dint of the bizarre way in which it could behave in-flight. But I’ve never seen anything like this. Somebody’s been at the drawing-board since then.

  8. Man Raised By Puffins Man Raised By Puffins

    Yeah, the Russians have tended to focus a lot more heavily on agility. The problem is the old Russian avionics fits meant they weren’t much cop beyond visual range before said agility could come into play. I think they’ve been getting better at that recently though.

    Re Chris Mapley: The thrust vectoring is just off the two engines, so it’s effectively just one line of thrust or two if the nozzles can be operated differentially.

  9. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    This technology has been around for at least 10 years now. I believe it’s mostly computer controlled. The pilot is literally putting the plane in ‘awkward’ positions and the thrust vectoring compensates for attitude and velocity.

  10. The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud

    Words fail me.
    Re Tapeleg: very much agreed on the “Oh shit!” moment.

  11. Like the commenter says above, this isn’t new, I remember seeing a Sukhoi SU-27/SU-30 (like the one here – not a MIG) doing this at an airshow in the early/mid-nineties. It is very cool though, they’ve been one of my favourite aircraft since then.

  12. Diablo Diablo

    In watching this amazing footage, I was struck by an idea and question… I wonder if it could be said that pussy fighter pilots fly fast. The boys with the big balls fly slow…

  13. DensityDuck DensityDuck

    Yah, big balls because their shit’s gonna get wrecked by AMRAAMS.

    Seriously, going slow? Not such a good idea in air combat.

  14. Staldo Staldo

    Thunderbirds are GO! The admission standards for fighter pilots just plummeted. This bird looks uncrashable.

  15. wow. pink frosting, is there nothing previously considered impossible you can’t do for humanity?

    Seriously. did they dye the smoke for show? or is pink THE ONLY WAY IT WILL WORK

    I do hope there’s some kind of gyroscope keeping the pilot even. OTherwise, how does he keep his stomach intact? Or is that not a concern over in the hardcore parts of the world?

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