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  1. Matt Matt

    Not sure what’s more amusing: Nextwave beating up zombified Power Pack, or the fact that the other superheroes leave them to die.
    They probably just couldn’t bear to rescue people cooler than themselves.

  2. rule # 5 of comics, if it happened off-panel… it did not happen.

    Even the Marvel Zombies editorial people knew better than to fuck with Nextwave fans by pandering that typical “haha dead….” at them.

  3. Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness is written by your former Planetary editor, John Layman.

  4. NinjaDebugger NinjaDebugger

    So what’s next, the Six Degrees of Warren Ellis?

  5. I just found out a few days ago I’m four degrees from Alan Moore. Bring it on!

  6. I want to see a GLA appearance next.

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