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  1. His office is right down the street from me and he is a nice enough guy in person. But, sometimes the fruitlessness of his actions makes me want to take a red hot poker between his toes until he promises to put all his resources towards realistic goals.

  2. In 2004, he seemed like the only candidate from any party who legitimately believed in every word that came out of his mouth. This meant, of course, that he got his ass handed to him in the primaries. The same will happen this year, undoubtedly. Which is too bad, because he’s the only candidate who would make me reconsider my views of American politics as nothing more than a spectator sport, at this point.

  3. Susan Susan

    You know, I thought Joss Whedon was kidding when Giles was informed that there was a Hellmouth in Cleveland.

    The more and more I learn about Cleveland, the more I know it to be absolutely and completely true.

  4. Cleveland’s not so bad. It’s just not a place for tourists. I dated a guy who grew up there for a while and he knew all the best places, and they were, legitimately, really excellent finds.

    Don’t knock Cleveland ’till you try it friends.

    Kucinich, however? kinda nuts.

  5. Susan Susan

    Oh, no- my best friend is from Cleveland and I have been there. I have been to the Rock Hall AND made a pilgrimage to Holy Love Ministries, where Mary and a host of angels and dead priests make Vegas-style nightly appearances. When I say there’s a Hellmouth in Cleveland, I’m speaking from experience.

  6. I am living in the land of Cleve presently & yes – it is over a bloody Hellmouth. Just like everywhere else – you find out where the good booze is served (Johnny Mangos) and adapt, til you can get out.

  7. Hey, at least Kucinich is trying. And at least he has the brains and the balls to acknowledge that Bush isn’t the one in charge, that it’s Cheney who needs impeaching too.

    Wouldn’t a more accurate title for this post be “everybody in congress reaffirms their positions as a bunch of useless and corrupt losers with no desire to make any kind of actual positive change in the world by refusing to back Kucinich’s new impeachment bill”?

    Why are the democrats who actually want to accomplish something always the ones to be the most ostracized by their own party?

  8. Adam Adam

    he may be an overly idealistic, hopeless little elf-man. but he’s OUR overly idealistic, hopeless little elf-man dammit!

    yay cleveland?

  9. Milo Milo

    I love Kucinich, in spite of, no, because of his radical stands. At least he tries, which is more than can be said of most other American elected officials

  10. SG SG

    That works out quite well, since the big march for impeachment has been scheduled for April 28th for quite some time now. That’s clever of him, because it will make it look like it was his idea, and like they’re his supporters.

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