April 20th, 2007 | Work

Please print off, cut out, fill in and hand to your local comics store. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS #1 is released in July — exact shipping date will be given when I get it.

23 Responses to “DOKTOR SLEEPLESS: The Coupon”

  1. Wonderful, I can’t wait for my local comic purveyors sneers. And also possibly jeers. “suprise, suprise” they will say, as yours are the only funny books I buy.

  2. Beauty.

    I have obeyed.



  3. Don’t forget to check box #3.

  4. I’d like to see somebody try to pass this coupon in Blacksburg, VA. (USA) There’s probably a lack of humor around Virginia Tech right now.

  5. I will certainly OBEY when I make my weekly trip out to Dr. No’s.

  6. Great idea; my wife and I run a comic store in Washington State, and — though we’re already promoting the hell out of the good Doktor (and Crecy, and Black Summer, and…) — will happily use this to encourage our customers to check it out.

    Looking forward to the book!


  7. Mr. Trautmann,

    Where are you in WA? If in the Seattle environs I would be more than happy to convey the coupon to your fine emporium.

  8. That’s hilarious! I usually don’t buy comics by the issue, but the chance to deploy the coupon may change this.

  9. Hey, I run a comics store in Athens, OH, and we’ll give anyone who uses this coupon in store a little discount.

  10. Which store is that, then?

  11. Yes my good man, i will obey but i’m afraid that the shop owner will just shrug his shoulders since i live in Sweden ;)

  12. I shall do you nefarious bidding Mr. Ellis! I was waiting for the order codes anyway.

  13. Re: COMTE’s request

    I am not Eric.

    The comic store is Olympic Cards and Comics, located in Lacey.

  14. Sweden has a thriving comics scene. There must be import stores, as there are in Norway and Denmark.

  15. Universe of Superheroes
    19 W. Washington St.
    Athens, OH 45701

    Transmet is the shop’s official favorite comic, (i even got a tattoo of spider). So yeah, we’ll do what we can to promote this book over the next couple of months.

  16. In fact:
    Pocket the Bookstore
    Skomakareg. 9
    223 50 Lund

    will be carrying DS.

  17. Oh my gawd…I was just in the process of coming up with something like this. My tagline is “Looking for something different? Try something ELLIS!” Okay…don’t all groan at once…but hokey works! My customers will get a kick out of this.

  18. Sadly, I can’t get see this undoubtedly glorious image. Is it hosted on some other site I need to run javascript for?

  19. My local comic shop sneered at me when I wandered in and tried to order Black Summer a week before it hit their previews book, and eventually told me to come back later. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be so receptive.

    But I’ll give it a shot when I wander in to attempt to collect my standing order on Monday.


    It’s an inline image hosted on Flickr.

  21. I expect after reading the first issue “A terrible beauty is born” …

  22. My comic shop tries to stop the single issues and more and more onbly offers trade paperback. I’ll need this coupon !

  23. I work at a comic shop in Atlanta Ga and will definitly be handing this to my boss.