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  1. I can’t tell what’s scarier. That exchange, or the YouTube comment section where countless people think it was a funny joke…

    Use the phrase ‘Nappy Hos’: lose your radio show

    Joke about the annihilation of an entire culture: not only is it ok, it’s presidential campaign fodder!

  2. Looks like the yanked the youtube comments…

  3. Ben


    “When are we gonna send those people over thar an air mail message?”

    Dr. Strangelove lives on.

  4. I have three words of terror-stricken reaction…


  5. kyote23


    yep, it’s talk like that that makes me damn PROUD to be an american…

  6. John


    Those people…THOSE people…THOSE “people”

    When is WE people gonna kill THOSE “people” what keep blowin up stuff? ‘sall THOSE “people” know is blowin up stuff. Not like WE people, who are decent and love freedom.

  7. the world

    the world

    My reaction, on a scale of one to ten:

    surprise: 1.5
    disgust: 9
    faith in the human race: 1

  8. Will


    I smell a bumper sticker in this…

  9. I think something inside me grew a callus over the years, because I chuckled. Is this indicative that my soul is slowly dying?

  10. Staldo


    McCain has quite a sense of humor for having been a prisoner of war for 6+ years. Oh, wait, no he doesn’t.

  11. E0157H7


    I would advise against asking how low an American politician can go. We (the few intelligent Americans left) can tell you that that is tempting fate in a terrible way. See Hillary for further reference.

  12. Looks like YouTube has pulled the video…..

  13. Sean


    You spend six years in a tiger cage and be Steve Martin afterward. Go ahead, try!

  14. I didn’t see the big deal.

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