You Whining Maggots

I’m getting an astonishing amount of whining in email about how boo hoo Mr Ellis your blog is Not Safe For Work I clicked a link and saw a willy and now I’m going to get fired for looking at illicit dongs (and yet strangely I never complain about Katie West’s tits) while wasting my employers’ time by fucking around on the internet please don’t do it put a big sign on your blog saying NSFW do it do it or I’ll whine until my fucking jaw falls clean off and drops into my dickless unwashed lap.

You want a sign? You need to be told AGAIN? Batcock wasn’t ENOUGH for you? Fine.


Happy now? Good. Now fuck off before I start tracking down your employers and telling them you’re paedophiles.

34 thoughts on “You Whining Maggots”

  1. some of us don’t have internet at home and keep up with your stuff entirely via public access of some sort. I had actually developed a feed system where I could just avoid any of your postings that had “photography” tags and that covered it up to this point. But now I’ll just remove your site. Can’t afford it, I guess. Thanks!

  2. Christ in a handbasket, Warren.

    Then again, I feel it’s deserved. So…

    Now that I’ve seen that, maybe I’m prepared to read Slaughterhouse Five now. Maybe.

  3. I’m with brockers, nothing like getting the blood pumping on a monday morning than sitting with your back to the office and clicking through a modblog link.

    Keep it up you great sicko!

  4. Hahaha… this almost beats the “touched my hear” post, (still seared into my retinas thanks!)

    Yes, this blog is NSF and more to the point not particularily safe for your brain, but that’s the point isn’t it? When I want kittens I’ll go to cuteoverload (and no, that was not a dare, please do not post some horrible mutant two-headed kitten image) Thanks! :)

  5. I, for one, am not retarded enough to check your site from my workplace, largely because I am familiar with your work and am happy to have it to look forward to. Please don’t change anything up and continue to do what you do.

  6. The blood makes it somewhat gross, yes, but the crickets, those HAPPY CRICKETS… that’s art.

    Really, people, quit teh whining. If you don’t know the kind of kinks that Mr. Ellis is proclive to, if you aren’t familiar with his work, WTF are you doig here? And besides 2 or 3 unlabeled graphic jolts, there’s always been a big fucking NSFW warning. Plus, anyone on the interweb that clicks blindly (you see that bar in the bottom of your browser? Seen how, when your dick pointer hovers over a link, it shows WHERE THE FUCK YOUR COMPUTER WILL BE MAGICALLY SENT TO?) deserves to get fired.
    Don’t even have phone at home, so you *must* get your illicit kicks at work? Use proxies, deactivate graphics, ban domains, etc., so no penis bonsai hurts your delicate sensibilities.

  7. hm maybe most of those emails are really just earnest attempts at being cleverly funny in a ironic sarcastic kind of way… oh well, fuckem

  8. ahahaha genius
    and they dont even know how deep, messy and damp the web can get, since you give away just little morsels of depravity, not the real deal

    i still remember the girl who got multiple orgasms from maggots and putrid flesh inside her pussy. THAT was shocking.

  9. Warren, I think the problem is as follows:

    You’re trying to convince whining maggots to stop being whining maggots. This is simply impossible – it wastes your time and annoys the pig. Or something. I’m mixing metaphors again, but my point remains – idiots are, and always will be idiots, and nothing you do will change that. Even if you kill them all, they’re still DEAD IDIOTS.

  10. Christ, Warren, be glad you don’t get the wankers who stretch their willies over the latest fucking eejit gadget. I don’t think they’ve heard anything but language used in Disney films their entire fucking worthless lives!

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