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  1. Sweet buttery Eris… Warren Ellis found my site and linked to it!

    I am obscenely pleased and at the same time dreadfully intimidated.

  2. Foo Foo

    Don’t be intimidated until he affixes you with his dread gaze and bores sight holes into your very soul!

  3. ok, that’s it. i’ve just about had enough of that *punk thing. let’s affix “punk” in it’s various incarnations to the whole periodic table, shall we?

    i’ll go first:

    lithiumpunk: in a society that has become so obsessed with individual endevours that people have been transformed into raving lunatics, everyone is on downers to treat their mania – going to work means not using the anti-mania drugs for a week or so, reverting to a naturally occuring state of frenzy wherein you become a different subject under the law. (basically becoming a shark in feeding frenzy and not responsible for your moral actions)

    typical quote: Stephens gag reflex was well honed; the rising bile forced back, as he clamoured alongside four other manii towards the customer. -Four more hours, he thought dimly, “four more hours and then he’d be on lith for a week.”

    The periodic table is here:
    so why don’t we make a neato thread out of this?

  4. Y’know, of all the things in the world to get righteously upset about… Darfur, for instance, or human rights violations in China, or the starving poor in first-world nations, just as three examples… I would think that someone affixing “-punk” to the end of word as a easy shorthand for a flavor of sci-fi would be towards the end of the list.

  5. And thus was born ‘PunkGate.

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