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  1. Hello! My name is Jeff. I found your site on Technorati and really liked what I saw and read. I was wondering if you would be interested in featuring one of my many websites in one of your posts. I am trying to build the popularity of my sites but it seems very difficult to do that without paying for ad space. That is why I am trying to get people with rich quality content and nice looking sites to maybe write a little article about my sites. My sites include which is my main blog, which is my wallpaper website, which is my celebrity wallpaper site and finally is my World Trade Center Photo website. Hopefully you will consider writing something about one of my sites. Thank you very much and please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions (you can find my email on my blog) :)


  2. Michael Michael

    great idea promote yourself as the shadow person with shadow pages for the shadow interested. Too much shade for me. I always thought I owe money to the person shadowing me. What a fool I am…

  3. This is the first sign of Spam I’ve seen in Warren’s pages.
    This “Jeff” must die…
    I don’t give give two tugs of a dead dogs dick about your site.
    Notice no mention of the article at all and no contact info, unless you go to his site.
    When are we forming that cult in SL worshipping Ellis and randomly kidnapping avatars on made up holidays to be sacrificed to our lord and savior…

  4. Matt Matt

    First up against the wall there, buddy…
    Oh, and neat damn article; sometimes the world seems intent on handing out story hooks.

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    How the hell did that get past the spam filters?

  6. Shadow spam?

    I wonder how long they will continue to do “Shadow People” shows on Coast to Coast AM now?

    I am willing to bet this won’t register a blip on their radar and they will just trod on.

  7. Paul Paul

    On topic – this ties in with a lot of the work that Michael Persinger’s been doing looking at the neural basis for phenomena like alien abductions, night terrors and religious experiences.

    It’s literally all in your head.

  8. C’mon we all know it’s actually an alien intelligence you get in contact with from dripping heavy liquid in your ear too often.

    Least that’s what Paul Pope told me.

  9. The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud The Inadvertant Mr. Raincloud

    First thought was John Dies at the End, by David Wong.

  10. oho oho

    “‘…the presence of another person in her extra-personal space,’ said Olaf Blanke, co-author of the study…”

    “Olaf Blanke”?

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