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  1. Last year, Wife Swap trolled the model rocket community looking for a family willing to swap a Rocket Wife for . . . I dunno, some lady from a Safety First Family.

  2. zo zo


  3. I know some good “goth” families. They won’t pick any of those.

  4. optical optical

    If watch that show if they pair any BME family with some fundamentalist inbred republicans.

  5. zerone zerone

    This whole reality TV thing is becoming too much like Stephen King’s short story The Running Man (disregard the Ahnold crapfest flick)

  6. Paul Paul

    Reality TV isn’t.

  7. The mailman in my neighborhood was on this show. Iasked him about whay was up with his kids(the were a real nightmare) – he said EVERYTHING was staged.
    Reality TV is BS. Even the US news is fake…

  8. As long as they’re not dork-sided.

  9. Steven Hutton Steven Hutton

    If someone were to, hypothetically, pretend to be a goth (or member of a subculter of your choice) in order to get at all that loverly money. Does that count as getting one over on them or just shilling yourself even harder?

  10. Blake Blake

    Ah, Steven Hutton, you’re forgetting that the swapped wife gets to choose who gets the money and for what. And she will invariably dispense that money in some kind of horribly awkward attempt to cure you of your false-gothishness. So, even if you get on the show, you probably won’t get the money.

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