9 Responses to “The Great Red Hexagon”

  1. 2007: A Space Odyssey!

  2. Well at least its firing arc is out of the ecliptic. On the other hand, it doesn’t take much to nudge one of those high-inclination Kuiperoids our way when they’re a few hundred AU out…

    On the other hand, perhaps it purpose was fulfilled when Mercury had its mantle stripped away back in the Pre-Nectarian and the Thermoid Menace was vanquished once and for all.

  3. I said “on the other hand” twice. Good for me!

  4. Not only does God roll dice, he’s apparently an RPGer too.

  5. How long do ya bet that this becomes the next great “proof of alien intelligence” after the face on Mars? It is a lot more impressive, and not really disputable.

    The question is, can natural weather effects in a gas giant really create a semi-perfect hexagon, or is this proof of alien engineering on the order of nearly a ringworld or a dyson sphere?

  6. Sure natural weather can – a hexagon is a stable configeration for a circulating standing wave after all – Eartyh has it’s own atmosphereic standing waves but they tend to get broken up by the effect opf patchy oceans, continents, short seasons, etc

  7. o noes! It’s a nest of giant space bees!

    and they left a chunk of honeycomb in orbit!


  8. Someone in blogoramaville claimed Oprah’s choosing The Road for her book club precipitated this, but I see it as a sign o’ the GNF.

  9. What if it’s a giant diatom? There is life on other worlds, it’s just really simple, and really huge.