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Sweet Monkey Love

A man allegedly sent his male monkey a sexually explicit audio tape while the animal was in custody:

Bobby Denton Crawford Jr made at least three visits to the Living Materials Center and a handful of tear-filled phone calls requesting Darwin be returned to his custody, according to Jim Dunlap, curator at the LMC.

On one such visit, Dunlap said Crawford handed him a box of Darwin’s toys. Among those toys was an audio tape player with a recorded message from Crawford addressed to Darwin that was of a sexual nature, Dunlap said.

After listening to the tape, Dunlap said Crawford made references to Darwin and himself engaging in mutual stimulation…

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  1. David H David H

    You labeled this as research material? I’m reminded of a Transmetropolitan joke from…I think it was “Year of the Bastard”.

    I wonder…

  2. What happens between a man and his monkey is no one’s business.

  3. Susan Susan

    It’s ironic that the monkey’s name is Darwin, yes?

  4. Paul Paul

    It beats Bubbles…

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