10 thoughts on “Trixie Bedlam’s New York City”

  1. I have a similar picture from San Francisco, except the brand name is “Andis” (or perhaps “Andi’s”) and the guy on the box is applying the device to his head. I think it was some sort of historical display in the Metreon.

  2. I put my vibrator to my head once. It fucked up my vision in a weird way that usually takes several chemicals to attain.

    And then I applied it to my clit again and forgot all this “what it says on the box” nonsense.

  3. I particularly like the fact that it has “waistline” in quotations.
    Because everybody knows that back then, body fat was imaginary.

  4. Vibrators are also good for scramblin eggs, in Design Theory we call this the objects “Secondary Function”, f.e. a trash can set on fire thrown at riot police or a shirt collar used as a hanger for an umbrella.

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