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  1. Arsnof Arsnof

    I think I’ve seen that anime.

  2. C C


  3. That picture is fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. I keep seeing new and completely inexplicable details. It’s some kind of demented, incoherent masterpiece of dramatic idiocy.

  4. Angie Angie

    Very Hieronymus Bosch.

  5. I don’t think this is a Belgian poster though. The title is neither Dutch nor French, which are the two main languages in Belgium. Judging by the text on the little white panel below and beside it this is from somewhere in Scandinavia. I’m guessing it’s Danish. My loose grasp of the scandinavian tongue tells me that it says: “The USA wants to save european culture from decay. Based on what right?”

  6. Rasmus Rasmus

    I am Danish and I would say that you’ve done a flawless translation there.
    As for the poster itself, does anyone know if there is a high resolution scan somewhere out there?
    I agree that it’s a completely demented masterpiece, but a masterpiece it is. The details on it are just fantastic. Frightening, but fantastic.

  7. Mick Mick

    I love that the KKK hooded robot has a Star of David flag hanging from its crotch.

  8. Liam Liam

    I want that on a T-shirt, or in a drug induced dream. one of the other.

  9. Greg Greg

    Didn’t the Doom Patrol fight this guy?

  10. Bryan Bryan

    Can anyone make out what the sash on the jazz trumpet-playing transvestite indian says?

  11. Carl Horn Carl Horn

    I sometimes think the European view of America hasn’t changed all that much. You can find a full-page reproduction of this poster in the 1976 book PROPAGANDA: THE ART OF PERSUASION by Anthony Richard Ewart Rhodes, which is perhaps the best overall survey of WWII-era propaganda posters–the Americans, Nazis, Soviets, Japanese, British, and Italians are all given separate chapters; there’s also a chapter on posters designed for occupied Europe, such as the one in this post.

  12. MrPerson MrPerson

    Actually, that’s Norwegian. Well, could possibly be Danish as well, since I’m not sure if the words on the poster are different in Danish. The words on the poster the eary guy’s holding mean “USA wants to save Europe’s culture from going under”.

  13. Staldo Staldo

    I am thoroughly confused. Is this poster anti-slavery, anti-semetic AND anti-capitalist? Or is it just meant to be an amalgamation of negative American stereotypes? It makes me think of an album cover from some punk band. That translation of the eary guy’s poster makes it even more confusing.

  14. David David

    The giant ears indicate a dupe – someone who will believe whatever he’s told. His sign isn’t supposed to convey the poster’s real message.

  15. Maggie Leber Maggie Leber

    Sorry…just scrape off the “Maggie” on the end of the URL.

  16. Stupid Nazis made America look like the fucking coolest country on the planet. And it was, for a long time and well into the 90’s. Not so much today.
    I think we in USA need an update of that poster, and fast.

  17. JDH JDH

    Norwegian, 1943

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