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Here We Go…

Political blog Outside The Beltway picks up on BLACK SUMMER.

After all, in a broader ethical sense, is there a difference between a superhero, acting outside the due process of law, killing a President he believes to be a criminal any different than a country, arguably acting outside the law, invading another country that it believes to be a threat?

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  1. bruce wulff bruce wulff

    I sure hope that you aren’t put on a no fly list, or singled out for full body cavity searches at one of our illustrious private prisons.

  2. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Garth Ennis had George Bush shot in the face in 303 and he got a green card. So… no, not too worried.

  3. Bryan Bryan

    It’s a start, but I’m afraid that until Fox News picks up the story, Warren won’t get “no-fly-listed” and will have to go to Comic Con and get accosted by horny klingons while taking a piss in the men’s room.

  4. “this is probably taking some of the concepts even more over the top than Ellis usually does–and that’s saying something.”


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