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  1. I look forward to seeing this… I was baptized in his pontifications about the glass teat, and continue to be influenced by his perspective.

  2. Chris Hickey Chris Hickey

    That man is an absolite fucking bulldog. He made me want to be a writer, while simultaneously making it clear I’d never be as good as I wanted to be, because I want to write like him.

    Reading Ellison is like reading jazz.

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    In an interview I once read, it transpired that Ellison kept quotes from other writers dymo-taped around his desk. When asked why, he said something to the effect that “they are better writers than I, and know how to say things.” Harlan can be accused of ego in a lot of things, I’m sure, but writing isn’t one of them. He wants you to aim above him, as he aims above them.

  4. Are you and he friends Warren? I picked up my first book by him, Deathbird Stories I think, when I was far to young to understand it. Thank God.

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    Nah. Met the guy a couple of years ago, talked a couple of times, spoke in email a little bit before that. He’s a lot of fun. I was very glad to meet him.

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