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  1. jjm jjm

    yes, but how do we know this is real?

  2. Make as much of a spectacle out of it as you can. Tell everyone: Host a media circus…

    Or, alternately, make it unreal. Tell no one.

    A fitting tribute, I’d like to think.

  3. Spidercam Spidercam

    I want a pic of the body, not for reasons of morbidity, but as jjm points out we can’t know his death is real, but with an image of the supposed reality of his death Baudrillard can become hyperreal in his own perfect simulacra of himself. And that seems to be the only fitting end and appropriate tribute to a profound thinker.

  4. Spidercam Spidercam

    I mean shit… I didn’t read it until late yesterday but now Cap’s dead as well… Death of an image, death of a legend. But which one was which?

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