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  1. Its possible to van a word? will they erase it from the dictionary? from the history books? will go after the people in the street that use that word?. Which will be the next word to van? (I could make a list right now). Would be possible to be revolutionary using that word. I don’t know, I’m seeing too many wrong things about that.

  2. What a crushing blow to the rap muzak industry.

  3. I think the most disappointing thing about this story is that it’s an obvious violation of civil rights just to ban a word no matter the context, but nobody can argue the decision without looking like a racist bigot. Next ban chink, charlie, spic, rafter, cracker, and oreo. And while we’re at it we have to think of the children so let’s ban fuck, shit, ass, piss, cunt and anything else that may be offensive.

    I really don’t mind getting rid of the N-word, but until black people make the effort to eliminate it, it won’t go away. I really don’t think this is the kind of thing that should be legislated, it’s just too much of a slippery slope.

  4. I’ve been waiting for years for The Man to crack down and ban Patti Smith’s “Easter”, and now the day has arrived. Frabjous.

  5. Will this be retroactive, in an “Equilibrium” sort of way; with, say, NWA LP’s being tracked down and burned?
    Will this also apply to Newyorkers overseas? Say, GI’s stationed in Iraq, calling the locals sandniggers?

  6. Yo, my n*****!…

    Το δημοτικό συμβούλιο της Νέας Υόρκης αποφάσισε να απαγορέψει τη χρήση της λέξης "nigger" , και η γενιά του hip hop θα πρέπει ν’ αρχίσει να ε…

  7. Sid Sid

    Way to give a racial slur even more power. Dicks.

  8. frank frank

    Um, did anyone read the second graf?

    “The resolution to ban the so-called “N-word” is largely symbolic as it carries no weight in law and those who use the word would face no punishment.”

  9. CBrown CBrown

    It is a symbolic message directed AT the black community BY members of that community. The vote was brought about by a group of African-Americans who are bothered by the adoption of the word and its casual use by their own community. It’s not a case of white liberals trying to impose political correctness on the world. So it IS a case of black people making an effort to make it go away.

  10. The city council passes these “non-binding resolutions” all the time with little effect, although this one has at least got a lot more press attention.

    Of course, if the council actually wanted to do something for the Black community in New York, they’d force the MTA to fix the fucking 7 train.

  11. What the Fuck? 3-1-07…

    Racial slur banned in New York (via Warren Ellis):
    Y’know I don’t like the word Nigger anymore than anyone else who understands its negative history, but banning a word? That’s a literal ban on free speech. This is America, Damn it! F…

  12. and look, they just made Captain America cry again.

  13. Howie Howie

    I think we’re all mis-reading this. Could it be that they just banned use of the word IN THEIR MEETINGS? City Council can get pretty heated.

  14. White politicians who use the word aren’t politicians anymore(especially in large metropolitan areas), black community leaders wouldn’t use the word in city meetings simply because they don’t like it being used. It’s exactly what it sounds like.


  15. Greg Greg

    Can we be honest for a second? Even if there was some attached punishment with the violation of this “ban,” that won’t do anything to stop its use. It’s the same problem I see with communities in American public schools trying to pass anti-bullying rules: Laws don’t stop people from doing things, they set precedents and they establish the orientation of the ruling body. Also, how hard is this going to be inforced? If I’m in downtown New York, and hear someone say “nigger” (never mind if they might be discussing the works of Dick Gregory, or giving a lecture on the etymology of racially prejudicial language) can I go tell an NYC police officer and get them to arrest said individual? Or will they be too busy with rapes, murders and drug deals to penalize someone for saying a bad word?

    Censorship is what people resort to when they don’t have the strength and patience to raise awareness.

  16. is this actually a topic of debate?
    words are bad
    let’s ban them all
    no more language
    we can communicate by hitting each other with rocks
    it’ll work
    trust me

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