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Ah, Yes. That’s What I Was Looking For.

I got the cover design for CROOKED LITTLE VEIN last night.

I like this an awful lot. All of a sudden I feel like A Real Novelist. It’s simple, understated, stark, and you can see my name on the cover from eighteen fucking miles away.

The black background will be gloss, the white letters will be matte, and the snake will be silver foil. People will rub themselves against the cover, grope and stroke it. Which, thinking about it, will ruin the sales. Ah well.

(Note also that if you go to the page for CLV, you can currently pre-order it and William Gibson’s SPOOK COUNTRY together for a bigger discount.)

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  1. Matt Matt

    You’ve clearly got a leg up on being a “real novelist”. After all, how many authors can say that their first novel had their name on the cover in a larger font than the title?

  2. rob rob

    I can’t wait to see it as an actual object. The design here is great but after the magic of the printers it will be a knockout.

    I’ll be making a point to get one signed (somehow) for the “signed” shelf in my library. I’ll file it right next all the William Gibson stuff so that it’ll feel comfortable.

  3. Firkon Firkon

    Love the use of the imagry from the “Join or Die” flag!

  4. That’s a really nice cover. Any chance you can stick an link up so I can go through that? I want to buy the book, but I want you to get the kickback to after I heard a lot of authors get more money from Amazon affiliation than from the actual royalties.

    MAn. Just the title of this gives me the creeps. Although not as much as that cyborg pigeon thing.

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    UK rights haven’t been sold. So no.

  6. Michael Michael

    I’m just so relieved it has a nice cover. Did you have any input on that, by the way?

  7. stuart updegrave stuart updegrave

    warren, that cover is really nice. i’m psyched to read this book, and spook country as well.

    but, i’m pretty sure that the “buy these books together” almost never gives an added discount (it doesn’t in this case, at least the price quoted to me). it’s just a snazzy way for Amazon to drive more sales.

  8. You’re not a Real Novelist until you go to a signing at a Borders in Quaker Forge, Iowa and the one person who shows up tries to read to you from her romance novel in progress.

  9. Idan Cohen Idan Cohen

    “Mr. Ellis! Mr. Ellis! ‘Her breasts heaved like tectonic plates under the California rifts. She knew he needed her, needed her more than the zebras in the congo need grazing space denied to them by the goverment, and she was willing, oh so willing, to take him in all into her, not in a sexual way, that is icky, what sort of book do you think this is?'”

    “Mr. Ellis! Mr. Ellis! Stop kicking me in the head!”

  10. Very nice cover design.
    I wonder how Amazon decide whom to offer discount rates and who gets shafted. They’re not offering it to me for an additional discount (a wise choice on Amazon’s behalf, as I’ve already preordered both).

  11. Alan Alan

    I’ve NEVER seen a “buy both these books” thing on Amazon that’s cheaper than buying both books separately, yet everyone believes it is. It’s a nice wee trick by Amazon that obvously works or they’d have got rid of it long ago.

    The cover’s looking nice nonetheless.

  12. pat pat

    It works well for tpb. Amazon sells them a little cheaper than stores do, but then s&h bumps it back up. You do the package dealy and its a relatively easy way of saving the money they originally claim you save on the single trade.

  13. Voo Voo

    It wont ruin the sales, it will improve them.

    I promise I will rub against it once it’s available.

  14. Ooh! Ooh! I want! I want!…

    Cover to Warren Ellis’ upcoming novel: Crooked Little Vein. I am itchy all over to read this book. Though, it could also be that weird stinky rash I got from the 90 year old Nazi Sex Midget down the street.

  15. Ooooh, very nice. I love the “distressed font” look. And having readers grope a cover is never a bad thing.

  16. Ok, it’s time for me to be an arse–so here we go: as an independent bookseller (yes, there are still indies out there, AND we’re web-savvy), I must urge Ellis-ites to seek pre-orders from their locals, or at least some indies online. Sure, the chains and Amazon might offer a discount, but guess who’s going to have actually READ the book and can handsell it…Amazon customer reviews? Utter trash most of the time… try in the US for a listing of stores.
    I for one am going to use one of the only perks of this low-wage business and ask a pub rep for an advanced copy…

    And, yeah, that cover’s a ‘dodged a bullet’ moment for an author; they’re defintely doing right by Mr. Elllis…

  17. james james

    congratulations warren, looks great! i’m really happy for you. can’t wait to get it in my dirty little hands! :)

  18. Looks great. I can’t wait to read it.

  19. Rick Rick

    Very pretty, I like. Any hope that they can do similar for the paperback?

    Now, a wee bit of math: $17.13 + $14.93 = $32.06, exactly the quoted price. No extra discount, just a marketing gimmick. (Mentioned upthread, but without the math to make it clear.)

  20. Pretty nice — not too showy (not that I really care about covers for stuff I want to read, but nothing about it would put me off.) Looking forward to picking it up.

  21. Sean Sean

    Looks sweet, nice design.

  22. Stu N Stu N

    Marvellous independent bookseller Crockatt & Powell ( will order books from the US for their UK customers at very decent rates.

    Warren, who designed the cover?

  23. Julian Julian

    I think it was advance-solicited a couple of months back in (Diamond’s) Previews as a trade paperback (softcover). Someone remember this? More details?

  24. Looking forwards to getting my hands on it – it looks great.

    Not sure what the snake is originally from, but I have definitely seen it before – in fact I own a t-shirt for the band Strike Anywhere which uses it(

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