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MySpace: Not Quite Full Of The Whole Truth

MySpace say “If a widget violates our TOS, we block them. Breaches would include any person, widget or software that violates copyright, poses security risks, distributes pornography or engages in commercial activity.” So they’re blocking widgets by the likes of Imeem and Revver. Goodness, why would the purveyors of MySpace Video, owned by News Corp, want to block a Revver widget? I can’t possibly imagine why they wouldn’t want people to use widgets from a company that allows people to get paid for their videos.

But if all this is true, why does MySpace allow page-customising sites like FVX to make people’s profiles completely bypass almost all internal MySpace links and direct clicks to them instead?

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  1. I don’t know about Imeem, but I’d guess they blocked revver because revver lets you make money by posting its videos. You’re not allowed to “compete” with their advertising. You’re allowed to do pretty much anything except screw with their advertising or compete with it.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Warren. Myspace has become such a huge marketing tool for everyone with a band, company, videoblog – whatever – and the definition of “commercial activity” is a bit vague. Myspace is pretty much free to draw the line wherever they want but I would argue that most of the content on the site is some type of advertisement. Truth is, Revver is one of the only video-sharing services with a creator-friendly TOS and we think they’re doing their users a huge disservice by forcing them to use video services that don’t compensate them for their work.

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