12 thoughts on “Hold The Fuck On.”

  1. Not familiar with exactly how the medical system works in the US, I wonder if they are severely injured during the rape, don’t they also have to pay for their medical attention?
    The moral of the story here being, of course, to rape the poor. The government does it, why shouldn’t everyone else?

  2. “Missouri is not the south.”

    i was about to say the same. i wonder what the policy around these parts is. (i live in the horrid south).

    that whole deal in Missouri is fucked up BTW.

  3. I do have to say, living in and around Missouri, that its not the South, although it does seem more than a little ass-backwards-Southern at times…And this information infuriated me, and at the same time, it sadly did not surprise me at all. Gotta love the good ole [CAPITALIST CORPORATE] U.S. of A.

  4. Who cares if it’s in the south or not?
    Having to pay for your own rape kit is one of the top ten dumbest fucking things I have ever heard of and the people who are responsible for this need to be hunted down and taken out of the gene pool.

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